College Station, TX – December, 2017 – STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics) skills are very important in today’s economy. The STEM Alliance, an initiative from European Schoolnet, works together with industry partners to improve STEM education in Europe. Through its STEM Ahead Competition, the STEM Alliance had STEM teachers pilot one or more new resources or technologies in their classrooms. Triseum’s calculus game Variant: Limits was selected to be one of the approved vendors for the STEM Alliance Competition.

A total of 3 schools based in Romania, Italy and Greece chose to use Variant: Limits in their class for the four week competition. Variant: Limits is Triseum’s award-winning 3D adventure game that teaches calculus concepts focused on limits. Ariana Vacaretu is a teacher from the Colegiul National “Emil Racoviţă” in the Romanian city of Cluj-Napoca who tested Variant: Limits in her classroom. She shared with us feedback from her students:

“This was one of the most engaging technologies we’ve ever used. It was easy to understand and get involved in and it made it, compared to others, much easier to connect with the subject matter.”

“The game is really different from the other technologies I have tried out. It motivates you to continue playing and discover what else might be coming your way.”

“I seem to have learned a lot from this game, which doesn’t happen that often with other educational games. I would just get the hang of the game and then forget about it in like a week. That didn’t happen with this game.”

STEM students and their teachers are consistently looking for new effective modes of education to increase learning outcomes, to engage students, and to get the very best support available. With calculus making up such a critical part of the STEM curriculum, interactive digital content that allows for both improved understanding and retention of challenging mathematical concepts offers incredible promise for student achievement in STEM..

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