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We’ve grown up playing games. We’ve learned to slay dragons, save the princess, and defeat international foes. In the same way that playing a game teaches us how to play it, a game can show us a new world and a new way of looking at it. At Triseum, we are harnessing the power of games to teach and applying it to support classroom education. We aren’t talking about teaching with games, but teaching through games.

ARTé: Mecenas™

ARTé: Mecenas is the first game in our ARTé™ suite, a collection of games with targeted learning outcomes supporting a traditional college-level Art History and Art Appreciation courses. Designed to supplement course instruction, Mecenas teaches (a) the interconnectedness of local and international economies in Renaissance Italy, and (b) how those economies influenced art and art patronage.

ARTé: Mecenas gives players a unique perspective on the Italian Renaissance of the 15th to 16th centuries. Taking the role of a member of the merchant/banking Medici family, one of the most influential families of the time, the student must balance relationships with powerful city-states, merchant factions, and the Catholic Church to build and maintain a financial empire. In the process, they play a pivotal role in the creation of famous artworks, monuments, and institutions of the Renaissance. By following the historical footsteps of the Medici family, students level up to the status of “Mecenas,” an influential patron of the arts, and experience the political, social, and economic factors that shaped the era.

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Variant is our third-person exploration game based on calculus. With a failure rate in college level Calculus classes reaching 38%, it may be no surprise that students feel like they’ve crashed onto the surface of a strange planet. With Variant, we are upending that metaphor and transforming abstract concepts into concrete experiences for the learner. Students will not only experience Calculus in this cool math game, but live to tell about it!

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