GBL stands for Game-Based Learning. There is some confusion around what GBL is in the field of education, and it’s often mistaken for gamification. Whereas gamification aims to incentivize an activity that a person might otherwise choose not to do (often through points or other awards), GBL helps students achieve measurable educational goals like developing critical thinking skills or knowledge mastery of a subject. GBL is a more effective way to learn not only because it’s immersive and engaging but also because it’s fun to play and leads to better performance than the traditional curriculum and methodologies.

Educational Resources

Texas A&M is leading the Game-Based Learning revolution, which promises to transform how students learn in and out of the classroom. By combining great video game design with the science of course instruction, Triseum is able to improve student learning outcomes, often with 100% mastery over subjects. A 2016 research study conducted jointly by Triseum and Texas A&M University showed a 25% knowledge gain among students after only 2 hours of ARTé gameplay.

Cutting-Edge Tools for Educators

Part of being a leader in the Game-Based Learning revolution means Triseum must help educators of all backgrounds better understand how technology can be used in the classroom to drive improved student performance. That’s why we’re building a community where educators can discover, learn and share best practices on GBL in the classroom.

GBL Community

Triseum is committed to helping educators of all backgrounds better understand how Game-Based Learning can be used in the classroom to improve student learning outcomes. Sign up for our educator-focused community today and you will receive:

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