Located in Bryan, Texas, and neighbors to Texas A&M University, Triseum is made up of game designers, educators, artists and storytellers on a mission to transform education.

André Thomas


André Thomas’ passion for game-based learning resonates inside and outside of the classroom. He founded and serves as the director of the LIVE Lab in the Department of Visualization at Texas A&M University, where he also teaches game design, game development and interactive graphics techniques. In 2014, he founded Triseum, where he serves as CEO and leads the creation of its award winning academic video games. He is an EdTech Leadership award winner, National Academy of Sciences board member, National Arts Education Association lead instructor, and Chillennium Game Jam chair. André also has been invited to speak at numerous education and technology events both in the U.S. and abroad, including SXSW, TEDx, ASU-GSV, BETT and European Schoolnet. His game-based learning insights and ideas are featured in the Huffington Post, Austin Business Journal, eCampus News and Learning Solutions Magazine, to name a few.

With more than 20 years in CGI production, André has worked around the world on legendary video games, live action feature films and memorable commercials. Previously he was Head of Graphics for EA Sports Football games (including NCAA, Head Coach, NFL Tour and Madden, the longest running and most successful sports franchise in games industry). He also created graphics for such notable films as Men in Black, Con Air, Independence Day, Valiant, Ant Bully and Tomorrow Never Dies. Follow André on twitter at @athomas_tr.

Revolutionary by DESIGN

Education is at the heart of everything Triseum does! We are an education gaming company that grew out of the LIVE Lab at Texas A&M University.

Partnering with experts from the gaming and instructional design industries allowed us to build high quality video games that make learning fun and rewarding.

Our bold curiosity means we push the boundaries of what educational games can do for students and learners. Our goal is nothing short of revolutionizing the way students learn and think about the world!


Partnering with EDUCATORS

Our games are built using standard industry game development practices and cutting-edge learning design methodologies. Through our unique partnership with the LIVE Lab at Texas A&M University, we are able to develop and test many different game designs and prototypes– always with the goal of making games that both entertain and improve student learning.

Before a game goes into full production, we work with experts in education to ensure our games adhere to the most rigorous scientific standards and latest educational research. In short, our commitment to building games that help students reach educational milestones is second to none.