11 Dec 2018

ARTé: Mecenas® ARTé: Mecenas is the first game in our ARTé™ collection of games with targeted learning outcomes supporting traditional college-level Art History and Art Appreciation courses. WHAT DOES THE GAME DO? ARTé: Mecenas transports students to the Italian Renaissance where they must build and maintain their financial empire as head of the Medici family. JUMP…

08 Nov 2018

Millions of Gamers Can Prosper or Perish as a Member of the Italian Renaissance’s Most Influential Family

21 Aug 2018

The Power of Art and the Depths of Time With ARTé: Hemut as part of the art appreciation and art history course, students discover the powerful connections between the religion and culture that created famous Egyptian architecture and artwork. This powerful video game teaches concept mastery and more as students learn about Egyptian art and…

21 Aug 2018

Experience the Birth of Impressionism​ ARTé: Lumière is an exploration game with targeted learning outcomes designed to enhance art history and art appreciation courses that incorporate academic and impressionist artists and artworks. Through gameplay, students are engaged and immersed in this revolutionary era as they explore the juxtaposition of academic versus modern artworks. ARTé: Lumière…

12 Jul 2018

The second webinar in our game-based learning validation study series recently aired, giving teachers a platform to share their insights from implementing our art history game, ARTé: Mecenas™, into their classrooms. The study followed classes in Norway, Poland, Portugal, Italy and Greece and was designed to empower participating teachers to consider new trends in learning models and investigate innovative technologies, all without losing site of learning outcomes.

14 Jun 2018

LEADING THE GAME-BASED LEARNING REVOLUTION Entertainment-quality learning games that make learning both fun and effective for students, faculty and learners. LEARN MORE Game-Based Learning Welcome to Game-Based Learning (GBL) from Triseum! The dawn of a revolution in education is upon us, where schools are beginning to use entertainment-quality learning games to help students achieve, and…

07 Mar 2017

Art History Game Provides an Immersive and Contextual Experience that Not Only Makes Learning Fun, but also Produces Measurable Results