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Variant: LimitsTM is an immersive learning game that teaches key calculus concepts in a high-stakes adventure environment.

It was created by Triseum, a team of game developers and educators that grew out of the LIVE Lab at Texas A&M University.

Over 79% of students surveyed reported an increased understanding of limits – the most fundamental ingredient of calculus – after playing Variant.

Download Variant: LimitsTM for PC or Mac. Save the planet from destruction as you learn and play.


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About the Developers

Inspiring Students to Succeed Through Game-based Learning

Variant: LimitsTM was created by Triseum, a company launched in 2014 by CEO Andre Thomas, formerly of Electronic Arts, and founder of the Learning Interactive Visualization Experience lab at Texas A&M University. The Triseum team retain strong ties with Texas A&M, where it continues to work closely with faculty and students.

Triseum’s first learning game, ARTé: MecenasTM, has been adopted as a teaching tool by a number of institutions, including Texas A&M, University of Texas at San Antonio, Georgia State University, Lindenwood University and the University of North Texas. In a 2016 research survey, students were shown to have knowledge gain of 24.7 percent after only two hours of play with ARTé: MecenasTM.

Triseum’s team of game design experts and educators have collaborated to address the failure rate in Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus (reportedly reaching 38%) by the creation of new teaching methods and interactive tools. Initial response to the game has been overwhelmingly positive. Over 79% of students surveyed reported an increased understanding of limits - the most fundamental ingredient of calculus - after playing Variant: LimitsTM.

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About the Game

Variant Aligns with Calculus Textbooks and College Board Concepts

Variant: LimitsTM helps review and test the important, foundational concepts of Calculus with exciting in-game challenges, not whiteboard lectures, homework platforms, or textbooks.

The concepts are in direct alignment with AP Calculus taught in both AB and BC calculus courses including Big Idea #1: Limits, and concept #1 in the College Board’s "Big Ideas of AP Calculus."

Variant: LimitsTM can provide students with a solid, intuitive understanding of the content required for the AP Calculus exam, including:

  • Notion and laws of limits
  • One-sided limits
  • Limits at infinity
  • Limit of a sequence
  • Infinite limits
  • Behaviors of functions
  • Graphical representations of functions
  • Properties of continuity
  • The Intermediate Value Theorem
  • Asymptotes and oscillating behaviors of functions

The Story of Equa

Explore the vibrant 3D world of Variant: Limits™ as Equa uncovers the secrets of the mysterious Manthan civilization.


Why Calculus Matters

STEM Careers Start with Calculus, but National Failure Rates are Rising

From engineering to medicine to 3D graphics, Calculus is foundational to success in all STEM-based careers. STEM is where the jobs of tomorrow will be.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor reports that jobs related to STEM will grow by 9 million between 2012 and 2022. Put your AP Math student on the right path to success.

However, the national failure rate for calculus stands at 38%. The College Board (2016) reports that about 421,239 students took the Advanced Placement (AP) calculus exam in May 2015. Of those students, 40.6% (125,135) of AB and 18.5% (23,112) of BC scored a 2 or lower, and earned no college credit. That means approximately 150,000 students are preparing and taking the Calculus AP exam without receiving any college credit.

With new teaching methods and interactive tools we believe that trend could be reversed. Variant: LimitsTM is the first in a series of games designed to help students gain a working understanding of calculus.

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