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Learning is Limitless with Variant

Learning is Limitless with Variant

Variant is a learning game series designed to assist students with the intuitive understanding of calculus concepts.

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Game Features

  • Immersive 3D world that allows players to manipulate objects by mastering calculus principles and theories, directly connecting the mathematics and gameplay.
  • Compelling narrative and a high-stakes adventure providing clear goals and motivation to succeed.
  • Intuitive feedback and game interaction allows players to play and explore at their own pace.
  • Intelligent game analytics allow instructors to monitor student engagement and provide insight into player progress.

Educator Resources

Variant: Limits promotes conceptual understanding through direct interaction and immediate feedback in the game environment.

Finite Limits

Introduction to limits, one-sided limits, and limits of combined functions.



Limit definition of continuity at a point, continuity of combined functions, and the intermediate value theorem.

Infinite Limits

Horizontal and vertical asymptotes.

What Students Are Saying
  • "Great game! Really loved it and hopefully it can be used in classes! It’s really engaging."
  • "As far as the learning aspect goes, it does much better than any other educational video game I've played."
  • "I like it when there are games that help students learn, since it is motivating."
  • "I really love what you guys are doing, I'll be looking forward to this game when it’s released!"
  • "It was awesome!"

Student comments from a national play test

According to the Mathematical Association of America, national failure rates within Calculus I courses are reaching 38%.

By providing students an opportunity to take a more active role in the learning process, Variant becomes more than just another learning tool; it's a cool math game that engages and motivates students like no other.


79% of students playing Variant: Limits agreed that the game increased their knowledge of limits.


76% of students playing Variant: Limits said the game was fun and engaging!

The Power of Educational Video Games

There is a growing body of research on the effects of gameplay and enhanced cognitive skills:
  • Game-based learning can draw students into a motivating virtual environment.
  • Timely in-game feedback motivates and guides learners to continue practicing until they achieve the game’s learning goals.
  • Persistence during gameplay may be higher than other forms of educational technology.
  • Interactive math games have the potential to enhance acquisition of basic technical skills
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