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ARTé: Mecenas™ provides an immersive gaming experience to help students better apply and analyze the effects of complex social, cultural, economic, political and ecclesiastical networks on artwork, monuments and institutions of the Italian Renaissance. ARTé: Mecenas adds dimensions of contextual analysis to the art history survey course that will serve a variety of students.

Why Games Work

Current university and high school students are “digital natives” – a substantial portion of their acculturation has been achieved through technology. For these students, video games and gaming technology are among the most familiar forms of entertainment; bringing that familiarity into the classroom leverages digital acculturation to diversify and thus optimize the learning experience. Triseum video games supplement undergraduate education while acknowledging and validating students’ personal and communal experiences through a mechanism central to their development.

Learning Goals

ARTé: Mecenas is a strategy game, with targeting learning outcomes designed to enhance Art History courses. Gameplay will engage and immerse students from the Medici perspective to demonstrate the interconnectedness of art patronage, economics, and political pressures surrounding the commissioning of famous artworks of the Italian Renaissance. ARTé: Mecenas features the most influential artworks of 15th and 16th centuries including over 130 pieces of art by more than 70 artists.

Given a variety of scenarios, the learner will:

Develop interconnected networks of Renaissance economics, art patronage and production, including art markets and collecting, conventional banking, trade and alternative banking practices such as usury.

Develop strategies to evaluate the impact of art and architecture patronage on generating spiritual and religious status and social and political prestige.

Distinguish between major artistic media, forms, techniques, and theoretical and critical concepts to develop a more holistic interpretation of the Renaissance era.

Leverage historical circumstances, conditions, and events surrounding art and architecture and their commission.

Game Features

ARTé: Mecenas enables instructors to create custom classrooms with an integrated instructor portal that monitors students’ engagement.

Play Game

Codex: An in-game resource players can reference to review level progress and view all unlocked artwork and artists in the game.

Instructor Portal: The Instructor Dashboard provides class and student gameplay statistics to monitor student progress and engagement.

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