Triseum’s Game-Based Learning Technology Empowers Schools to Immediately Deliver Online Content in Midst of Virus Uncertainties

As college and university faculty look to offer more assignments online due to the uncertainties surrounding theCOVID-19 outbreak, Triseum is helping them get a jump start. Triseum’s ARTé academic video games allow students to continue progressing through their art history studies online via an engaging and results-driven learning experience. 

“No doubt these are stressful times. There is an immediate need for quality online content so that the education process keeps moving forward, while keeping everyone’s health a priority,”said André Thomas, CEO of Triseum and director of the LIVE Lab at Texas A&M. “As faculty are asked to increase online content quickly, they don’t need the added pressure that can come with finding, integrating and tracking digital offerings. Our games are easy to access and intuitive to play. Student scores are automatically generated based on targeted learning outcomes, easing logistics for faculty.” 

At a recent press briefing, Nancy Messonnier, the director of CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, stated that, “many people in the United States will at some point in time either this year or next be exposed to this virus.”  With no clear end in sight and in an effort to offset fees, Triseum is offering its games at cost through Summer 2021.

Triseum’s games provide a simple way for faculty to engage students and inspire learning. The games feature new grading functionality, providing scores in an easy-to-use format so instructors can add them to their grade books. Scores are based on students’ progress in the game and the learning objectives they achieve. Additionally, Triseum is developing integrations with college and university administrative systems to further ease accessibility, payments and more. 

Led by Thomas, who also teaches game design, game development and interactive graphics techniques, the Triseum team worked closely with students and faculty at Texas A&M’s LIVE Lab to create the ARTé game series, mimicking the quality of entertainment video games with learning design principles at the core. Colleges and universities around the world, including schools such as Arizona State University, are using Triseum’s ARTé games to engage students in interactive content. 

Triseum’s ARTé franchise immerses students in history. Award winning ARTé: Mecenas focuses on the Italian Renaissance where students commission works of art as a Medici banker. In a research study, ARTé: Mecenas boosted knowledge gain by nearly 25 percent. Additionally, ARTé: Lumière recreates 19th century Paris centered around impressionist, realist and other modernist artists; and ARTé: Hemut spans ancient Egyptian religious beliefs, artworks and architecture. 

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