Must Read Game-Based Learning Books for Your Summer Reading List, Part II

Summer reading lists aren’t just an ideal way to keep students’ minds active over the extended break, they also give us as educators a great opportunity to dive into some must reads. In my last blog post, I shared some fantastic books for getting started in game-based learning, including trends, considerations and research.

Now let’s explore the design and development side of game-based learning. All academic games are not created equal. While basic games can help students grasp concepts and content, games that are based on advanced storylines, sophisticated graphics and instructional design principles are more likely to meet their digital expectations and motivate them to play again and again.

I invite you to check out the following game-based learning design books:

Both the formal research and the anecdotal feedback around game-based learning point to measurable improvements in learning outcomes and far more enjoyable experiences when games are designed appropriately. If you have questions about game-based learning, where it works, or how you can get involved, let’s connect at