Must Read Game-Based Learning Books for Your Summer Reading List, Part I

It’s that time of year again, that time when school is winding down and we post summer reading lists so our students stay engaged while working, relaxing, traveling and doing all of the things that summer brings. But summer reading lists are just for students. Summer is the perfect time for us as educators to catch up on those must-reads too.

The sheer number of game-based learning books and resources is on the rise, which is no surprise given the emergence of academic games. Game-based learning can transform the education process through creative, immersive and collaborative experiences. It is the very definition of innovation and it is gaining momentum.

Whether you are just beginning to explore academic gaming trends, making a case for game-based learning at your institution, or using games in your classroom, here are some must reads:

Game-based learning is inspiring teachers and students alike. If you have questions about game-based learning, where it works or how you can get involved, let’s connect at Stay tuned for my summer reading list part II where I’ll include books and resources centered around game-based learning design.