Triseum and Game-Based Learning: Should You Care?

It’s all around us: game-based learning is gaining increased attention in the educational world. Given the eye-opening results that come with educational games, it’s easy to see why so many innovators now see game-based learning as a staple in the future of education. It’s a concept and a way of learning that helps students perform at an optimum level without sweating it.

As trends in learning point more and more toward the use of gamification, companies like Triseum are raising the bar with an impressive array of games exclusively designed to improve learning among high school and college-level students. As part of our mission of ensuring that every student in our own state, Texas, and beyond has access to the best educational materials, our mathematics, art history, and financial literacy games are motivating, fun, and guaranteed to drastically improve comprehension and learning.

If you have ever imagined an environment where every student learns beyond expectations from innovative methods they enjoy, that’s the Triseum world. Our vibrant, high-quality learning games are not only sophisticated, but easy to use, and provide excitement and fast-paced interactions that drive students to new levels of concept mastery. Variant: Limits™ enables students to visualize and grasp the abstract concepts underlying calculus in a 3D immersive environment. Instead of having to learn calculus from a textbook, players see the subject come to life as they find themselves on an imaginary planet facing imminent doom – unless they can solve a series of increasingly challenging calculus problems.

In addition to Variant: Limits, we also offer ARTè: Mecenas™, an art history game that puts students into the heart of the Italian Renaissance as a member of the Medici, one of the most influential families of the time. The game teaches the interconnectedness of local and international economies in Renaissance Italy, and how those economies influenced art and art patronage. The game fosters student mastery of banking concepts—and much more.

At Triseum, it is our belief that every student can be successful with innovative learning tools that invoke the joy and excitement of learning. The research and development of new learning games is underway, and we’ll soon be unveiling games for other courses and curricula.

Creating new learning games takes partnerships that allow cutting-edge development and high-quality output. Our goal is to create more games like Variant: Limits and ARTé: Mecenas by partnering with innovative companies dedicated to education. We’re working closely with Forward Thinking EDU to form partnerships which will allow us to deliver more games that inspire today’s learners. We believe that only through partnerships can every student in Texas and beyond have the opportunity to learn using game-based learning tools that help them truly build conceptual understanding.

With banks and other financial institutions mandated by law to fulfill their CRM (Corporate Reinvestment Funds) to their host communities, investing in educational gaming as a way of helping students gain mastery in specific courses can be a smart investment – and one that can illustrate a commitment to education and the workforce of the future. All companies with a commitment to community good can get involved in education by partnering with Triseum.

Ask any young surgeon, computer programmer, engineer, or website designer if they grew up enjoying video games. Chances are the answer will be yes. With that in mind, doesn’t it make sense to combine learning with the way students like to spend time? Explore a corporate partnership with Triseum and see how your company can influence the academic achievement of students in Texas and beyond. It’s a great way to demonstrate your commitment to education—a cause with implications for students that will resonate for decades.