Triseum Invited to Join Landmark Games for Change Industry Circle

New York and Bryan, TX – June 26, 2017 – Highlighting studios that have made a significant contribution to the community, Games for Change (G4C) has invited Triseum to join its Industry Circle, a network of forward thinkers and global innovators leading the impact games sector.  Industry Circle partners are recognized for taking risks, developing sustainable business models, launching successful games, and emerging as leaders.   “Triseum’s impressive work in game-based learning for students in higher and secondary education, coupled with its insights and ideas, make its team a great fit with our Industry Circle,” said Susanna Pollack, President, Games for Change. “The impact games sector continues its incredible evolution into a maturing and sophisticated marketplace and Triseum is playing an important role by exhibiting a sincere passion for game-based learning, measurably improving education experiences, and pushing the limits of academic games as we know them. Triseum is a dedicated developer and advocate, and we are thrilled to have them on board.”   Since 2004, G4C has empowered game makers and social innovators to create games that drive social impact, helping grow the market for such games and bringing together the community of developers who are leading the way. Being at the forefront of this movement, G4C and its Industry Circle partners are creating tremendous impact in health, education, civics, social justice and more, exploring and paving new ways in the field of impact games.   The Industry Circle gives Triseum a platform to discuss the importance of combining rigorous instructional design and research with sophisticated and intuitive game design methods. Triseum’s development approach is demonstrated in its immersive games, including  ARTé: Mecenas™ and Variant: Limits™.  ARTé: Mecenas transports students to the Renaissance where they commission works of art as a Medici banker.  Variant: Limits brings complex calculus concepts to life in a high-stakes adventure set in a 3D world.   “Impact games are a pillar of social innovation, and G4C is not only a tremendous champion of this sector, but its creativity and drive are helping build momentum,” said André Thomas, CEO of Triseum. “We appreciate the opportunity to be part of such a talented group of people who are working hard to propel impact games and their role in education and beyond.”   About Triseum Triseum grew out of the LIVE Lab in the Department of Visualization at Texas A&M University, which is why education will always remain at the heart of this gaming company. Since then, Triseum has partnered with industry leading experts in gaming and instructional design dedicated to building the highest quality educational video games. Creating world class digital experiences that profoundly impact students, Triseum’s bold curiosity means pushing the boundaries of what educational games are all about. For more information, please visit  

Triseum Named SIIA Education Technology CODiE Award Finalist for Best Mathematics Instructional Solution

Bryan, TX – June 21, 2017 – Game-based learning innovator Triseum today announced that Variant: Limits™, its immersive calculus game, was named a 2017 SIIA CODiE Award finalist in the Best Mathematics Instructional Solution category. Variant: Limits allows students to explore, develop new knowledge, and practice college-level calculus in a 3D adventure world. CODiE finalists represent applications, products and services from developers of educational software, digital content, online learning services and related technologies across the PreK-20 sector.   “Variant: Limits enables students to gain a visual and applicable understanding of complex calculus theories and formulas in an unprecedented way,” said André Thomas, CEO of Triseum. “Feedback from the judging process highlighted the game’s uniqueness in the way math and game play are thoroughly integrated, and reviews applauded our cutting-edge technology, clearly defined learning objectives, depth of thought that was put into the game, and the way that the concepts are put into practice. Having our game recognized by faculty and administrator peers is a tremendous compliment, and we are honored to be a finalist in the prestigious CODiE awards program.”   Where typical homework platforms rely on repetitive drills or address lower level mathematical concepts, Variant: Limits presents experiential explorations. It connects mathematics and game play, motivating learners to understand and apply concepts taught in Calculus I, including Finite Limits, Continuity and Infinite Limits. Upon playing the game, 79 percent of students agreed that Variant: Limits increased their knowledge of limits, while 83 percent of students reported they were able to apply their knowledge from the game in class. Variant: Limits is game one in a planned four-game Calculus I series.   The SIIA CODiE Awards are the premier awards for the software and information industries, and have been recognizing product excellence for over 30 years. The awards offer 93 categories that are organized by industry focus of education technology and business technology. Variant: Limits was honored as one of 160 finalists across the 34 education technology categories.   “I am impressed by the level of innovation and creativity demonstrated by the 2017 CODiE award finalists. These products are opening doors for learners of all ages by combining new technologies with research about how people learn in order to respond to student and educator needs,” said Bridget Foster, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of the Education Technology Industry Network (ETIN), a division of SIIA.   The SIIA CODiE Awards are the industry’s only peer-reviewed awards program. Educators and administrators serve as judges and conduct the first-round review of all education nominees. Their scores determine the SIIA CODiE Award finalists, and SIIA members then vote on the finalist products. The scores from both rounds are tabulated to select the winners. Winners will be announced during a CODiE Award Winner Ceremony in San Francisco on July 26 at the Education Impact Symposium, hosted by the Education Technology Industry Network (ETIN), a division of SIIA. Details about each finalist are listed at

Triseum Takes Home Gold and Silver in 2017 International Serious Play Awards

Bryan, TX – June 19, 2017 – The results are in and Triseum is a two-time medal winner in the 2017 International Serious Play Awards. The company won gold for Variant: Limits, a game that brings complex calculus concepts to life in a high-stakes 3D adventure world, and silver for ARTé: Mecenas, which transports students to the Renaissance where they commission works of art as a Medici banker. The Serious Play Awards honor outstanding games from around the world designed to revolutionize education and training.   “Earning this global recognition speaks volumes about the work that our team is producing, creating immersive learning experiences that are not only fun and engaging, but also providing a meaningful way for students to gain and retain knowledge,” said André Thomas, CEO of Triseum. “Game-based learning creates opportunities to make the teaching and learning experience more interactive, more relatable and more dynamic. We are grateful to see our games at the forefront and to be in the company of such talented developers and innovators, which inspires us to keep pushing the boundaries of what game-based learning is all about.” A full list of winners is available on the Serious Play website. Winning games will be featured in the Game Arcade at the Serious Play Conference, where those who create serious games/simulations and those who implement game-based learning programs will convene to hold critical conversations about game design requirements. Providing a forum for visionary educators, chief learning officers and heads of training programs, Serious Play helps them learn how to improve the effectiveness of their program and use the data collected to do even better. The event takes place July 18th – 20th at George Mason University’s Science and Technology Campus.

Triseum and European Schoolnet’s Future Classroom Lab Partner to Help Students Succeed

Bryan, TX and Brussels, Belgium – June 14, 2017 – In an effort to create innovative instructional methods, European Schoolnet has teamed up with Triseum, its newest strategic industry partner for the Future Classroom Lab (FCL). FCL is an inspirational learning environment dedicated to finding cutting-edge pedagogies, technologies and learning designs. Through FCL’s network, Triseum will collaborate with policy makers, industry leaders, teachers and other education stakeholders to explore ways to create a dynamic teaching and learning ecosystem, specifically through game-based learning programs and initiatives.   “Triseum is the FCL’s first partner to have game-based learning as its core business, and along with its drive to improve student competencies and make learning fun and engaging, the company’s creativity and aptitude will be a real asset to European Schoolnet’s Future Classroom Lab,” said Marc Durando, Executive Director, European Schoolnet. “Triseum’s game-based learning model engages learners in relatable and significant ways. We are excited to have Triseum’s team on board to help us explore and shape game-based learning for the benefit of our members.”   Celebrating its 20th anniversary, European Schoolnet works with 31 Ministries of Education members and FCL industry partners to visualize how conventional classrooms and other learning spaces can be reimagined to support teaching and learning for the 21stcentury. FCL’s events, pilot projects and validation studies will allow Triseum to showcase its current games, ARTé: Mecenas™ and Variant: Limits™, as well as other game-based learning technology to support innovative pedagogical approaches.   “Immersive game-based learning is emerging as a force that positively impacts learning outcomes, and we are grateful for the opportunity to further research and expand the use of serious games,” said André Thomas, CEO of Triseum. “The FCL together with its industry partners has created some truly inspiring and notable teaching and learning innovations across Europe and beyond. Joining European Schoolnet’s FCL enables our team to work with a remarkable group of education innovators.  We are honoured to be a partner of the FCL and contribute to helping students succeed.”   About European Schoolnet and the Future Classroom Lab European Schoolnet is the network of 31 European Ministries of Education, aiming at bringing innovation in teaching and learning to key stakeholders: Ministries of Education, schools, teachers, researchers, and industry partners.  Created by European Schoolnet, the Future Classroom Lab (FCL) is an inspirational learning environment in Brussels, challenging visitors to rethink the role of pedagogy, technology and design in their classrooms. Through six learning zones, visitors can explore the essential elements in delivering 21st century learning: students’ and teachers’ skills and roles, learning styles, learning environment design, current and emerging technology, and societal trends affecting education. Since the opening of the Future Classroom Lab in January 2012, European Schoolnet and its 31 Ministries of Education members have worked closely with a growing number of ICT providers to ensure an independently-funded and sustainable platform. Policy-makers, industry partners, teachers and other education stakeholders regularly come together in face-to-face training workshops and strategic seminars to develop visions for the school of the future and strategies on how to realise these. For more information, please visit: and