Triseum Gives AP and College Calculus Students Direct Access to Variant: Limits™

Demand for Calculus Game Grows as Students Express Clear and Immediate Need For It

Bryan, TX and Austin, TX – March 16, 2017 – Variant: Limits™, Triseum’s immersive 3D calculus game, is gaining rave reviews and tremendous traction among students, so much so that the company is now making it available for students to purchase it directly through the company’s website. Students taking both AP and college-level calculus can use the game to complement calculus instruction, allowing them to better understand and apply complex theories and formulas through a high stakes 3D adventure. Triseum made the announcement today at SXSW Gaming 2017, where it also has earned a coveted spot in the SXSW Gaming Pitch Competition.   “Variant: Limits is making a name for itself by bringing calculus to life for students, and the more students who are experiencing the game in action, the more demand is growing. Students are expressing a clear and immediate need to play the game, and they are asking for direct access to it,” said Triseum CEO André Thomas. “We are energized and encouraged by the game’s overwhelmingly positive feedback – students are telling us that not only does it make calculus concepts more relatable, but math in general becomes more fun.”   A single user can purchase the game through Triseum’s website for $34.95. Additionally, colleges and universities can continue to purchase the game for broader use. Roughly 50 institutions are piloting Variant: Limits this semester and more than 400 faculty from 300 institutions have requested it. Schools that are interested in piloting the game can apply through the Variant website.   Triseum is showcasing Variant: Limits at the SXSW Gaming event, which kicks off today in Austin.  Triseum is one of only 16 companies selected to participate in the SXSW Gaming Pitch Competition, where the Triseum team will have the opportunity to introduce Variant: Limits to gaming industry veterans and experts. Additionally, Thomas is engaging in the event’s Meet Up series where gaming enthusiasts can explore the latest video game innovations.   Variant: Limits connects mathematics and game play, empowering students to take a more active role in the learning process and engage with content on a deeper level. Focusing on finite limits, continuity and infinite limits, students explore, develop new knowledge and practice college-level calculus concepts in the game environment. They don’t just memorize and regurgitate information, but rather apply it. As students achieve learning objectives and advance to higher levels within the game, they are motivated to keep going.   

About Triseum 
Triseum grew out of the LIVE Lab in the Department of Visualization in the College of Architecture at Texas A&M University. Education will always remain at the heart of this learning company. Partnering with industry leading experts in gaming and instructional design, Triseum creates entertainment quality, immersive learning games for foundational subjects where high school and higher education students face challenges with engagement, course completion and success. Delivering world-class digital experiences that profoundly impact students while maintaining strict learning efficacy backed by rigorous research, Triseum’s bold curiosity means pushing the boundaries of what educational games are all about. For more information, please visit

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