Triseum and NAEA Advance Art Education and Game-Based Learning Programs

Bryan, TX – October 24, 2016 – Triseum’s innovative approach to academic gaming continues to gain recognition and visibility. Over the weekend, the company received an Impact Award from the Texas Motion Picture Alliance (TXMPA), which honors those that have had a unique and positive impact on communities in Texas through production-related industries. Triseum grew out of the LIVE Lab at Texas A&M University in 2014, and the two continue to collaborate on game design, production and testing, as well as professional development opportunities for Texas A&M’s students.   “Loving what you do and being recognized for it is a win-win. Our team comes to work every day passionate about what is in store and excited to tackle each challenge, and it shows in the quality and imagination of our games,” said André Thomas, CEO of Triseum. “We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of the university, our great state, and numerous academic thought leaders, all of whom enable us to create and inspire through game-based learning. We are grateful for the recognition from TXMPA, which both validates what we are doing and motivates us to continue advancing academic gaming in even more engaging ways.”   Triseum works closely with experts from across Texas A&M who actively participate in its game production process, from research through analysis. Additionally, Thomas, who is a recognized gaming veteran in his own right, teaches Game Design and Game Development courses at Texas A&M. Grooming students for successful gaming and production careers, he has hired several graduates to join the talented Triseum team, which has grown to more than 40 staff at its Bryan, TX headquarters.   “We are big fans of the work Triseum is producing,” said Mindy Raymond, Executive Director of TXMPA. “Through its highly interactive and engaging game-based learning solutions, not only is the company advancing the education experience, but it is creating opportunities for innovation and modern production within our state. We are thrilled to call Triseum one of our own local champions.”   TXMPA is a statewide, non-profit industry advocacy organization for film, TV, commercial, online media and video game creators. TXMPA is committed to leading the charge for increased and improved production incentives legislation to grow the creative industries in Texas. It created the Impact Awards as an exciting and fun way to honor those who represent the best of production in communities while inspiring stakeholders throughout Texas to join together to show that the film industry is vital to growing the Texas economy, its workforce and communities.